Fairy Forest

Fairy Forest

Deep in the fairy forest as the moon began to seep

I watched wisps, of morning summer laughter.

Soft sounds of innocence as buttercups kissed,

And butterflies shimmered around a toadstool.

Centre stage for a fairy dance.

My blue eyes glistened, as my fair hair itched.

Her footsteps silent summer, golden silk

The ringlets of her hair, fluttered in the air.

 Her tunic was copper green flowing to a

Toad-stool stalk, as she danced to the forests flittering cry.

Spinning dandelions, sent pearl snow

Shimmering silver as the spirit of a breeze whispered kisses.

Beneath her feet the ladybirds and ants circled.

She turned on a reel in a whirl like a winded leaf.

Her eyes softest green sparkled raindrops

Crying for the forests love.

I watched, wanting to spin round and round

In a whirligig, giggling and spinning my eyeballs spun.

Hard callous hands parted green, as footsteps

Interrupted an eloquence so sweet.

Something else stirred, as I caught another pair of eyes.

A wandering wolf, white with yellow snarling teeth,

It growled, as a Fairy Queen tried to tame the beast.


Folding inside my self a frightened flower

I watched the battle for the fairy dance.

The wolf screamed and clawed, as the fairy

Clung to this dancing beast.

Her magic whispers spoon a silver rhyme

That silenced a morning wail.

She brought joy to the frightened forest.

The leaves laughed, and I took my legs

And the world in my pocket saying hello

To my seven summers, leaving echoes

Of forest that ripple. A glitter of gold

Still shimmer in my mind.

 Roberta Francis @


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