Half a mile to Trannyshack

Half  a mile to Trannyshack

I was on my way to Trannyshack

Dressed to the nines for such a

Wonderful  ball.  Click Clack, went my

Feet, thumping  and jumping -my pumping heart as

I made my way across the road.

Flick my hair as I pass a homophobe

And wonder if he knows.

That Roxy’s out tonight.


It’s only half a mile to go.

The train stations well in sight.

So I tap my heels together  and wiggle my bum

And wonder ahead .

Good God what’s to come.

My war paint it seemed to hold

God wasn’t I very bold as I stepped onto the train.

Straight into the middle of a premier

Supporters club singing songs.

My impending doom?

But then I dropped my wrist flashing

My luminous nails and listened to the wails

Of  United united .

My big heart skipped a beat but then I found my

Seat, half a mile to Trannyshack.


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