The beginning of an Epitaph. (Part 1)



Do you remember the big shamrock she used to wear ?

The oversized hat and the ribbons green white and gold, that

Shimmered like her, so bold.

We laughed when we saw it, and  curled up in a ball.

But she didn’t care, about our loving jeers

Delighted  to walk in the Tallaght parade.

We’d revel in her joy like rainbows breaking clouds.

Entertained for hours when she was well.

Eating monkey nuts , shells scattered over a cold floor

Newspapers strewn to the door.

It was chips all round, and she’d only ask for a bit of



Round the rocky roads , black the clouds that

Sometimes covered her like a shroud, when her stormy mind

Was shadowed.

The worry gene that plagued a Gaelic heart.


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